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Website development in London

The development of a progressive and user-friendly website is necessary for every business and private specialist. It is an effective tool to attract new customers, retain existing ones and develop your business. Creative marketing agency Space Marketing offers website development of any type in London with its further maintenance. More than 45 diversified IT-specialists and marketers complete tasks given by customers every day, creating beautiful websites which are convenient both for users and administrators and lead customers to their goals.

Website development in London for a successful start and high results

Depending on the type of business or your type of activity, as well as the tasks that need to be solved using a web resource, you need to choose the right format of the site:
Landing page. These are one-page sites that are created for one specific task. For example, talk about a particular service or product, a specialist, make a company business card. The conversion of a landing page with sequential promotion can reach 45%, it means 45 out of 100 people who view it perform a targeted action: call, leave contact information, fill out a form, order a product, etc. Making a one-page site is especially important for selling an exclusive product, advertising, and conducting a promotional campaign. You can use the landing page as a full-fledged site or as an addition to the main one – corporate, online store, etc.
Corporate website. Contains the main information about the company, current news, contacts, offers for online presence and correct brand positioning. It provides an opportunity to form, maintain and strengthen the image of the company, especially if there is no office, and all work is done remotely. Such kind of web resources have a multi-level hierarchy and are convenient for users. Some projects provide corporate communication and various types of commodity-money accounting.
Online store. Ordering such kind of site is recommended for selling a significant amount of goods. Modern resources such as “online shop” have clear navigation, a structured catalog, a blog, a section with contacts and information about the store, and a shopping cart. An order form and a feedback window are also required. As a rule, the design is concise, giving an instant idea of ​​the product niche. In order to develop a website in London for the sale of goods it is needed to create friendly and convenient interface that literally guides the user to making an order: he came, he saw, he bought. It is important to connect an online store to an order processing system, usually a 1C management system.
Business card site. It is very similar to a landing page, but is used not to lead to the target action, but for presentation or informing. For instance, to inform people about upcoming free event or get them to know a new startup. In the future, transformation into a corporate website is also possible.
Site-showcase, or directory. Similar to an online store, but does not have an online purchase function. This is where the products or services are shown and redirected to the main website. A significant feature is the presence of a feedback form so that users can ask a question about the presented products and clarify the current price.
For each client, we develop an individual commercial offer, taking into account the characteristics of his business, goals and preferences. We can sign an agreement with a clear fixation of the price for services. In Space Marketing, you can buy a site of any type, as well as order the development of a mobile application and its web version.

What is included in website development?
Website development in London from Space Marketing is a comprehensive solution that includes:
Functional and well-considered prototype.
Aesthetic and trendy design.
Adaptation for mobile devices.
Correct open source code.
Competent technical structure.
Filling with selling content, including graphic and textual.
Testing before launch.

Stages of website development in London

Coordination of goals and objectives, analysis of competitors, study of the target audience.
Prototyping and design development.
Design layout.
Programming: coding, integration with CMS, connection of external systems and adaptation of CMS for easy management.
Domain connection.
A/B testing: initial test of the system, external systems, corrections and refinement.
Filling site with content.
Final check and launch.
The creative marketing agency Space Marketing has been developing websites in London for more than 3 years and during this period of time it has completed more than 300 tasks. We guarantee the correct operation of your web resource, careful study of usability, eye-catching design and easy management. At the request of clients to create websites in London, we provide their maintenance as well.

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