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Space Marketing

About us

Space is a creative marketing agency focused on results. For 2 years of successful work, we have demonstrated cases and implemented more than 100 projects in the sphere of marketing, branding, web development and production and at the moment we are working with more than 30 large local and foreign brands in the field of online marketing.

Creativity is our credo and the quality is our golden standard. While you were reading this text, we have generated at least 1 cool idea. Impressed? And this is just the beginning!

Why you should choose us


We have a big experience and proven cases


Non-standard approach and creative thinking


Transparent reporting and working only for high results


Hundreds of large companies have already entrusted their marketing department to us


Professional team of specialists


Well-considered and systematized work structure

Our work is a well-adjusted strategy based on a detailed analysis, a creative approach, the use of the most effective promotion tools and regular analytics.


Digital marketing is the promotion of brands via online platforms and tools available in the information space.


Web development is the creation of a high-quality and creative website for your business.


Development of naming, logo, guideline and brand book to form the “image” of your company in the market.


We use the best promotion channels based on the company’s sphere of activity, such as SEO optimization, Google ads, contextual advertising + retargeting, Youtube advertising and others.


We get the maximum out of SMM.

SMM for us is high-quality content, regular analytics and guaranteed results.


Benefits of outsourcing marketing

Reducing financial costs

This will significantly reduce the financial costs of your company. Because now you do not have to worry about creating a workspace for specialists, buy office equipment, conduct regular trainings to improve the skills of your employees, think about incentives, sick leave and maternity benefits. All these worries fall entirely on the shoulders of the agency. And you just reap the rewards.


This approach to work is much more effective, because the “pig in a poke” and blind interviews, when you don’t know whether to trust the candidate or not, will remain in the past. Before starting work, we demonstrate real cases and offer you to get acquainted with the full list of our clients and partners who are always ready to confirm the success of our joint activities.


You significantly save time resources that were constantly spent on finding worthy candidates in the labor market and eliminating the inevitable turnover, and you just can’t imagine how much time and effort goes into training and adapting recruits! But all this could be spent much more efficiently and in favor of the development of your company.


By engaging an official company, and not a private person, you will always have someone to ask for the result at the legislative level, since absolutely all the details and points of cooperation are prescribed in the contract, including key performance indicators, KPIs, efficiency and fruitfulness.


One head is good, but two is already a brainstorm. You understand that putting all conceivable and overwhelming tasks on the shoulders of a marketer leads to only one thing – loss of efficiency. It is much better to delegate authority to a team where more than 8 people will work on your project, each responsible for his own sphere of activity in which he is an ace.


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